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Hank & Gram

'Hank & Gram'

Over the past few years I have chosen to exhibit outside of the normal art gallery environment and have shown my work in anti-establishment venues, music festivals and temporary sites.
These situations invite spontaneity and a freedom from the restraints of the standard gallery setting.

Previous exhibitions; 2008

March '08 - Casa Laguna, Akumal, Mexico. 'Street Paintings' solo show
June '08 - I/O Gallery, Cornwall, Ct., USA. 'Wall to Wall' selected show
July '08 - New Street Gallery, Penzance, UK. 'Submersive Figures' group show
Sept '08 - New Street Gallery, Penzance, UK. 'The Elvis Beatitudes' solo show
Sept '08 - The Guitar Pull Festival, Waycross, Ga.,USA. 'Damned Country Singers' exhibit
Oct '08 - W.H.Lane, Penzance, UK. 'The Best in the West' sale
Oct '08 - Upstairs Art, Phoenicia, NY.,USA. 'Autumn Show'
Oct '08 - Varga, Woodstock, NY.,USA. '3 by 1' selected show
Nov '08 - Hippodrome Center, Gainesville,Fla.,USA. 'Damned Country Singers' exhibit

May, 2009 - 'Subversive Figures' group show St.Ives Soc. of Artists, Cornwall, UK.
Sept. 18-19, 2009 - The Guitar Pull, Waycross, Ga., USA.
Feb. 24, 2010 - 'Yucatan Street Paintings' Casa Laguna, Akumal, Mexico.
Sept 16-18, 2010 - Prints and Monotypes - the GP Guitar Pull, Waycross,Ga., US
Sept 20-27, 2010 - 'Music Heroes', PK gallery, Royal St, New Orleans, LA, US. May 18-19, 2012 -New prints of music heroes, Swamptown festival, Waycross, Ga, US.

May 2011- My book 'BREAKFAST in NUDIE SUITS' released. A road-trip chronicle of the beginnings of Alternative Country music, the misadventures of the International Submarine Band & Gram Parsons. Critics have called it the most refreshingly different music book written in decades. Reviews: on and on 'My Book' page on this site.

Various presentations of artwork to people, institutions and music heritage societies who I deemed worthy of honor:
Jim White, Grant Peeples, the Louvin Bros. Museum, Robert Johnston, the Ponderosa Stomp, The Okefenokee Heritage Center, Dave Griffin, Holly George-Warren, the Knights of the Mystic Mamou, the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Museum.

Jan. 2012- I began working on a new series of artwork based around iconic figures from the 1940s-50s who cast the molds and set the precedents that would define the ephemeral American media empire. Jack Lalane, Spike Jones, Carmen Miranda, Col. Tom Parker are a few that I have chosen to be included in 'The Fast-Forward Empire' series.

May 2012 - Live performances; Waycross,Ga., Gainesville, Fla., Tampa, Fla., San Diego, Cal., Joshua Tree, Cal., ' The Gator by the Bay festival', San Diego, 'Swamptown Getdown festival', Georgia.

Sept-Nov 2012- 'From the Borsch-belt to the Bible-belt' tour. Performances in New York, Georgia, Gainesville, Tampa, St.Pete, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Florida. Art exhibits: Oct- the 'Guitar Pull' festival, Waycross,GA. Nov- the Shake-Rag Gallery, Melrose, Fla.

Sept- Latest CD released. 'The Dusty Pool of Pleasures' CD finished and available at gigs & on this site & at down-load site. The CD contains recordings from the last couple of years, and couple of live tracks from recent appearances.

Nov-Dec 2012- Recording sessions in Waycross, Ga., Tregidden, Cornwall, UK for a new CD

Sept-Nov 2013- Tour and recording. Performances in England, Colorado, Georgia, Florida. Art exhibit at 40 West Gallery, Denver Colorado.

2014- Recording new CD 'the Oracle'. Oct - Appearances and book readings in Georgia & Florida.

Dates of performances will be listed on 'Music' page.