My book about alternative music and roads in '60s America.










' One of the best music books released in 2011' .....


1st edition, UK cover
'A wonderful, whacked-out chronicle

of the early days of country rock. It's a

trancendantal road trip that leads to the

roots of the Americana music movement'

Jim White - musician/writer/artist

' This is not a book, it's a journey.

The trip through the '60s we all either

dreamed about, lied about or actually

took. Coolest road-read since Kerouac

left the Flamingo Bar.'

Pete Gallagher - WMNF radio

' Ian Dunlop is a masterful story teller,

Who bore witness to -and participated in-

the birth of country rock.'

Holly George-Warren - writer

' The amazing story about having a

different perspective. It captures the

mood of America in the '60s.'

Sid Griffin - writer/musician

I.Dunlop, M.Gauvin, G.Parsons, J.Nuese,

The International Submarine Band 1966

Ian D & Holly G-Warren, New Orleans 2010

Book reading at the Ponderosa Stomp, New Orleans, 2010

'A really interesting journey across

America that can be read as a document

of the times. A country rock, on the

road, Jack Kerouac of a book.'

Mark Radcliffe - BBC radio

'I know what you're thinking: just what the

the world needs, another memoir by another

musician, well the world needs this one.

Forget the cliche that if you can remember the

'60s you weren't there, fortuanately, Ian

remembers, and his accounts of his adventures

are frequently inspiring and often hilarious.

Makes me wish I'd been there.'

Scott Schinder - Time Out New York

Bill Briggs, Barry Tashian & Ian Dunlop

Somewhere in Arizona. Cross-country trip, '67

Ian D - LIVE!! 2012 I will be performing and doing readings

from Breakfast in Nudie Suits at various

venues and festivals in the future:

the GP guitar-pull, Waycross, Ga - Oct 12, 13

more US dates TBA

Check- in to get the latest dates.

Available on Amazon

in paperback or e-book.

Distribution in the USA by

Consortium Books.

from original, promotional book jacket

Chpt. 5 title illustration ' This is what all music memoirs should be like - funny, sad, true and not just about the music.

The fact that Gram Parsons is the character around whom the book swirls should be of

particular interest to his fans, but this is a book that tells much more. It shows America

changing. This is a brilliantly written book, a musical meander across the United States with

the International Submarine Band in which Parsons sang lead and the author played bass.

It's a great read, one of the very best memoirs to emerge from the height of hippydom,

or indeed from a musician, in the past 60 years.' Jonathan Rice - reviewer

'Burrito Manor'

Laurel Canyon, 1966-67

Left: A stack of Fenders (from sketchbook)

Right: Nestled in the hills.

Lots of amps at Burrito Manor, '66.Burrito Manor, Laurel Canyon, '66
Chpt. 7 title illustration 'Memory takes a lot of poetic licence it omits details;

others are axaggerated according to the emotional

values of the articles it touches for memory is

seated predominantly in the heart.' Tennessee Williams

Sometimes it can take days of driving or weeks of trying not to think before being able to find something different or at last reach that special place.. Nowheresville.
Stanley, New Mexico, 1968Drop City, Colorado 1968
TV studio, Hollywood.

(from sketchbook)

While waiting to do

our spot. 1967

TV studio Hollywood 1967
Book reading and house-concert at the Joshua Tree Inn, Cal. May 6th 2012.
Book reading, Joshua Tree Inn '12House Concert, Joshua Tree Inn 2012
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I will be posting more photographs and artwork relevant to

Breakfast in Nudie Suits and will also post some writing that has not been

included in the book.