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GP & Ian D 1967

Ian D 2009


Live at the Swamptown Getdown festival, May 2012

I have been in a place

on the edge of music for decades,

it's just worked-out that way.

On an alternative road, in and out

of the music biz, I have met and

worked with some very creative,

unusual and inspiring people.

There is a lot going on outside

of the main-stream.

I met Gram Parsons in '65, worked and wandered

with him for several years. During our time together in

the 'International Submarine Band' we strayed like

mavericks away from the rest of the herd and ignored

the warnings and advice from those who suggested

that we stop trying to sing that awful country & western

music and get in-line with the psychedelic '60s.

We didn't listen and kept-on going wrong.

Films / Music Videos:

This Ain't My Life:

Lunar Powered:

Rest in Peace:

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One-day Week :

Elvis Was a Narc:

I'm Gonna Rise Again:

In 2009 my solo CD 'Cocktale of the Absurd', was released including tracks recorded in Waycross, Georgia with musicians I have been writing with.

A new CD 'the Dusty Pool of Pleasures' was finished in Jan., 2013. The CD features studio sessions and live performances of new material. The CD is available at gigs and downloads at

My live shows incorporate storytelling, stand-up comedy and some of the elements of alternative country music that derive from the years I spent with Parsons.

'Ian Dunlop is a masterful storyteller, who borewitness to -and participated in- the birth ofcountry rock.' Holly George-Warren, Rolling Stone

NEW CD! 'The ORACLE' Oct 2014

Winter Haven, Fl concert Oct 2014

Dates for 2015

are coming in

and will be posted.

Check-in for more.

NEW CD ! ( Click on image for full info )

Sessions and LIVE performances of un-released material from the past 2 years.

downloads available at:

'From the Borsch-belt to the Bible-belt' Tour 2012